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Dr. John Golan, vascular surgeon, is an expert in treating venous and arterial conditions.

Dr. Golan and Rebecca Herlitz, ACNP-BC, work together to develop patient specific treatment plans.

Rebecca Herlitz, ACNP-BC, has extensive experience in sclerotherapy.

Varicose Veins are serious business and so is their treatment.

Your legs keep you going. With everything you do, you don’t have time for tired, heavy, painful legs. Not to mention the unattractive bulging. Treating your varicose veins needs to be a top priority.

Experience counts. Credentials make a difference.

At North Shore Vascular, you’ll find the experience, expertise & excellence you need. Dr. John Golan, a board certified vascular surgeon for 27 years has the breadth of knowledge needed to diagnosis and treat any vein condition. Ten years ago, he was the first physician to perform endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) in the Chicago area. Today, Dr. Golan not only continues to treat varicose veins but also trains physicians from around the country in EVLT.

What about Spider Veins?

While usually not a serious health condition, spider veins often accompany varicose veins, and most people find them cosmetically displeasing – and sometimes painful as well. Spider veins also require top professional care. Working with Dr. Golan, Rebecca Herlitz, APN, is a board certified advanced practice nurse with 11 years of experience performing sclerotherapy and teaching other professionals: just the expert you need to make your unsightly spider veins disappear.